Strala Yoga

Strala Yoga

We are excited to be offering Strala Yoga classes at the Studio. Strala Yoga is a revolutionary approach to guiding feeling and movement, providing people with the space to explore their own bodies, moving in a way that feels good.  The result of this often leads to feeling content, aware and connected.

Our Classes

All Strala classes move slowly and continuously, guided with deep breath and easygoing movement from your middle. All classes have long-time practicers next to relative beginners and everybody gets to move easily from right where they are. You’ll get strong, let stress go, and accomplish tremendous challenges with ease.  You’ll also feel free, creative and intuitive and get healthy and happy from the inside out.

The classes are split into different vibes, giving you the flexibility to move how feels good for you on that day.  Check the timetable to see when the classes are.


Strala GENTLE is a simple flow that opens and strengthens your body while calming your mind.  You’ll create a healthy balance between strength and flexibility, stability and mobility.  Most of all, you’ll feel all-over great!


Strala BASICS is a simple flow that builds body awareness, while calming and focusing your mind. Moving with ease through simple and challenging moments alike, you’ll feel refreshed, confident and happily capable


Strala ENERGIZE is a moving flow that invigorates your body and mind while resting attention calmly on your breath.  You’ll feel awake, energized and super-creative


Strala RELAX is a moving flow that releases tension from your body and mind, while resting attention calmly on your breath.  You drop the stress and feel all-over revitalized!


Strala STRONG is a moving flow that builds strength, balance, and flexibility evenly in the body.  Calm ease is carried through simple and challenging movements alike.  You get happy and healthy from the inside out