Strala Yoga

Strala Yoga

We guide Strala Yoga classes at the Studio. Strala Yoga is a revolutionary approach to guiding feeling and movement, providing people with the space to explore their own bodies, moving in a way that feels good.  The result of this often leads to feeling content, aware and connected.

All our classes are suitable for complete beginners to seasoned ‘yogis’. We encourage an environment of exploring, feeling good and not competing with ourselves or other. The main aim is to have fun, feel happy, calm and strong.

Our Classes

All Strala classes move and continuously, guided with deep breath and easygoing movement from your middle. All classes have long-time practicers next to relative beginners and everybody gets to move easily from right where they are. You’ll get strong, calm, and accomplish tremendous challenges with ease.  You’ll also feel free, creative and intuitive and get healthy and happy from the inside out.

The vibe of the class stays similar throughout the week, so you know what to expect and can mix & change classes if your diary is flexible. As you become familiar with Strala Yoga, you will gain confidence to take time to explore movement that suits you, rather than be limited by a strict structure or an instructor telling you exactly what to do. This approach gives you a chance to notice how you are moving, spend time choosing how you are moving and in turn this creates an opportunity for you to take these skills off the mat and enhance how you move within your home environment.

Nobody is ‘too’ anything for our classes, too inflexible, too tall, too short. We are here to move, feel strong, calm, flexible and like we are taking care of ourselves.