Always Tomorrow…

Always Tomorrow…

If you’re waiting till next week to go to yoga, till tomorrow to start the diet, till you’ve got your fancy car, 4th bedroom, off road parking and larder to feel you’ve made it.

If you bought a well-being book you’re waiting to read, you keep meaning to go jump in the sea or dust off your bike. If you intend to get off the train a stop early & walk, or you scrolling Instagram feeling inspired but disconnected…

I get it.

Sometimes putting those things on a pedestal at a distance is far less scary than realising that change is our choice, is possible and can bring us all the things we seek by dreaming about through magazines, diets, holidays & social media, but not necessarily believing what’s readily available to us.

‘Just do it’ is a very simple yet hugely terrifying slogan. But, maybe it is also an incredibly simple, life changing mantra?
Eat. Move. Sleep. Joy. Ease.

Tell me something you’ve done that you’ve been meaning to do for you!

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