Your First Appointment

Your First Appointment

Your first appointment will last up to an hour.  The initial part of the assessment will be a discussion regarding what has brought you to Flow.  Knowledge of your relevant past medical history and current medication will ensure that the assessment takes all factors into account.  We will discuss what aggravates your pain and when you might experience pain; it may be beneficial to note down when you notice your problem.

For the second part of your assessment, you may be asked to undress to a level that will enable a physical assessment of your problem.  You are therefore advised to bring appropriate clothing; such as shorts, loose fitting clothing and a camisole top for ladies.

Following the assessment, we will discuss the findings, offer diagnoses where possible and create a plan with you.  Typically this will involve manual and exercise-based treatment as well as ‘homework’ and advice on how you may be able to optimise the management of your pain or symptoms.  It may be that you only require one appointment, you may require more.  At Flow we promise to be honest about our clinical impression and how often/much input you may benefit from: we will never ask you to block book sessions in advance.


What to Bring

For your first appointment, we recommend that you bring:

  • Loose fitting clothing (shorts and a camisole top for ladies is recommended)
  • Trainers (if appropriate)
  • A list of your current medication and relevant past medical history
  • Any medical reports such as previous treatments, diagnoses or imaging (X-ray/MRI reports)