NEW Cycling & Triathlon Workshop


Saturday January 23rd 9am – 1pm

We are excited to announce that we have teamed up with Paul from Ride to offer an exciting new cycle-focussed workshop, designed for those looking for that extra dimension to their cycle or triathlon training.


Each year we start January with the best intentions to make the changes we need to see the next season give us the goals and results we are hoping for. But often barriers get in the way meaning we don’t always end the season feeling satisfied, be it to do with training errors, injuries, or carrying on with the same training routine as before.


Our aim is to draw on our expertise in physiotherapy, Pilates, cycle fitting and competing to bring you a fresh new look at your training and how you can make changes to see the results you want.  The workshop is geared towards increasing your understanding of how to train effectively using a range of techniques, such as cycle drills, Pilates, conditioning and recognising how and when to adapt your training to avoid injury or increase benefits.  We will explore mistakes we often see in training, both on and off the bike, as well as discuss common injuries and why these often become the achilles heel of our season.


The session will provide:

  • Pilates session
  • Stretch workshop
  • Cycle fit demonstration
  • Cycle drills
  • Common injuries discussion
  • Goal setting
  • Unravelling common training mistakes

Included in the day:

  • Refreshments
  • Handouts
  • Pilates & stretch video
  • Theraband
  • Exclusive offers with Flow & Ride


The cycle fitting demo will cover the fundamentals in getting comfortable and efficient on the bike, including useful drills for enhancing your training and performance.


We will be running through a cycle-specific Pilates class, introducing you to ways of enhancing your body-awareness, core strength and stretching.  You will be provided with theraband which is yours to take home.  The session will cover common injuries/pain and you will have the opportunity to give us information on injuries so we can aim to include these within our demonstration.   Also included is a Pilates/stretching video so you can work through the benefits of the session at home.

The sessions costs £45 and will run from 9am to approximately 1pm. It is being held at the Flow Studio in Torquay. There is ample parking with a large, private studio. All equipment for day is provided. You will need to bring clothes you feel comfortable exercising in and there are changing facilities.


Katie is a Chartered Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor based in Torquay, Devon. She runs Flow Physio, providing services in Physio, Pilates, sports massage and paddleboarding. She is a keen triathlete and currently training for the Outlaw in 2015, Brighton Marathon & the Grande Dartmoor Classic (with a few trail marathons in between).

Katie is passionate about working with athletes to help them understand more about their niggles and working alongside them to get them back on their feet as soon as possible.
When she isn’t working she can be found running the trails with her dog Milo or surfing with her boyfriend.  She is also looking forward to completing her yoga instructor course in 2016.

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Paul is a SICI (Serotta Cycling Institute) qualified cycle fitter and owner of Ride, Plymouth. A racing cyclist for the last 25 years and ex long-distance runner. Paul has experienced plenty of injury problems of his own over the years. These injuries inspired him to study the subject of Biomechanics, bike set-up and eventually to train as a cycle fitter. He is well respected in the South Devon area (and beyond) and has had great success in getting many cyclists more comfortable and efficient on the bikes.
Outside of work you will find Paul either exploring the moors on his bicycle, or spending time with his wife and children.