Mama Pilates


Next Mama Pilates Course


We are planning our next Mama Pilates date. Stay tuned for more information.

The cost is £10 for the 6 sessions if paid in advance, or £2 per session. There will be childcare facilities on site, enabling you to bring your baby with you.


Flow Mama Pilates


Flow is proud to be working with Torbay Council, in partnership with Active Devon and Teignbridge District Council, by offering a new initiative to encourage new mums to try all kinds of fun, baby inclusive activities.


As a Physiotherapist, I see a lot of new mums who are struggling with various pains after having a baby.  A lot of them are trying hard to get ‘back’ their body.  I try to help reassure them of the huge changes that have happened with their body, whilst working on ways to improve posture, muscle tone and strength. Combining my skills as a Physiotherapist with my role as a Pilates instructor enables me to offer a supportive environment in which to start building activity levels post natally.


Mama Pilates will combine both education and fun, effective exercises using the Pilates method.  The first session will introduce you to the Key Elements of Pilates, including specific advice for the Post Natal period.  Pilates involves controlled, flowing movement, focusing on your posture.  It is a fantastic way of improving strength, tone, postural awareness, as well as working the pelvic floor, which is so important after pregnancy. Mama Pilates with Flow will use equipment, such as balance pads and foam rollers, to both challenge movement as well as help support the muscle groups which can be affected during pregnancy.    For more information on Pilates, visit our Pilates pages


About Active Mums


The Active Mums programme was developed on the back of a pilot scheme undertaken by Teignbridge District Council which demonstrated that more mums would like to get active – especially if they could bring their new babies with them. Active Mums offers a range of different activities for new mums, from Breeze Cycle Rides, Buggy friendly class and Aqua Mums to Mama Pilates. All sessions are designed to ease new mums into getting active, building confidence and strength whilst bonding with their new baby and have been funded via a programme aimed at getting more 16 to 25 year olds into sport and activity.Over the 6 weeks we will work through a programme, which will provide you with knowledge, confidence and fitness that is sustainable, so that even when the programme has finished, you feel physical activity is both accessible and enjoyable and have started to feel the benefits from exercise. Pilates is an excellent form of physical activity, as it can be graded to suit all abilities and ages.



Pelvic Floor Exercises


For advice on how to start to engage your pelvic floor, we have made an advice sheet for you to download. For more information on the class, get in touch with Flow.