Sports Massage

Sports Massage at Flow

At Flow we offer a relaxing and comfortable environment that will leave you feeling invigorated and refreshed following your massage.

New to massage or a seasoned pro? We will discuss what you are looking for; from sore calves following a run, to an aching neck from a stressful day at work. We can focus on one area or provide a whole body massage.

You are likely to be asked to undress for your massage, so we suggest you wear loose fitting clothing and appropriate underwear. Coconut oil is often used as part of the treatment, so it is also advisable to bear this in mind when choosing your clothing.


Your First Appointment

For your first sports massage appointment we ask you to book in for an hour. This is so that we can get some details about what you are looking for from your massage as well as any medical history or relevant information. Following this we will then get on with your massage.


What to Bring

For your first appointment, we recommend that you bring:

  • Loose fitting clothing (shorts and a camisole top for ladies is recommended)
  • A list of your current medication and any relevant past medical history
  • Any relevant medical reports such as previous treatments, diagnoses or imaging (X-ray/MRI reports)


About Sports Massage

Sports massage; also known as deep tissue release, soft tissue manipulation, a somewhat uncomfortable mix of hands, elbows and those notorious bony thumbs… call it what you like. What is important is that at Flow we want to help make you feel and move better.


Sports massage can be used as part of injury management, pre- and rehabilitation and stress reduction. It combines a variety of techniques such as petrissage and effluage to work on the tissues, encouraging blood flow, assisting with lymphatic drainage and energising the body and mind.