Frank Green Cups & Bottles



What are they?

A more environmental way to stay hydrated.  In as little as 15 uses you will ofset the environmental impact it took to produce your cup.


Why do we stock them?

Because we have had ours for years, everyone asks us where they are from and we love them! These cups are stylish, long lasting & perfect for taking your drink on the go, be it in one of the stainless steel cups or bottles to keep your drinks at the right temperature, or simply with one of the stylish water bottles.


How do we use them?

Well, simply fill with your drink of choice, feel good that you are promoting reusable products and looking stylish at the same time.  We love the smaller stainless steel for our coffees on the go, the taller stainless steel for cold drinks on hikes and the water bottle for yoga, or simply around the house.

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Pink, Blue, Titanium, Green

Bottle Type

10oz Stainless Steel, 20oz Stainless Steel, 25oz Clear