About Acupuncture

Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years as part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  More recently its benefits have become widely recognised within Western medicine, resulting in it now being incorporated in the NICE guidelines for the management of conditions such as low back pain and most recently migraines (

There are many hypotheses offered for how Acupuncture works.  Evidence shows that acupuncture can stimulate the production of the body’s own pain reliving chemicals, such as endorphins, as well as melatonin (promotes sleep) and serotonin (promotes well-being).  At Flow we explain that acupuncture is a holistic treatment: from process of the insertion of small needles into the skin at specific points in the body to the opportunity to be mindful of the body and any pain or altered movement that you may be experiencing, in a calm environment.


Acupuncture at Flow

At Flow we aim to respect the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) approach to acupuncture and combine this with scientific evidence as a means of reducing pain, promoting healing and improving your general sense of wellbeing.

Prior to commencing a course of acupuncture you will be thoroughly screened and informed to ensure that acupuncture is an appropriate treatment for you. A treatment tends to last between 20 and 30 minutes, usually as part of a course of up to six sessions, depending on each individual.

Your First Appointment

Your first appointment will last up to an hour.  The initial part of the assessment will be a discussion regarding what has brought you to Flow.  Knowledge of your relevant past medical history and current medication will ensure that the assessment takes all factors into account.  We will discuss what aggravates your pain and when you might experience pain; it may be beneficial to note down when you notice your problem.

For the second part of your assessment, you may be asked to undress to a level that will enable easy access to the part of the body being treated.  You are therefore advised to bring appropriate clothing; such as shorts, loose fitting clothing and a camisole top for ladies.

Following the assessment, we will discuss the findings, offer diagnoses where possible and create a plan with you.  As long as there are no contraindications, we will be able to carry out the first acupuncture treatment during that session. Please ensure you have had something to eat and you are feeling well in yourself.


What to Bring

For your first appointment, we recommend that you bring:

  • Loose fitting clothing (shorts and a camisole top for ladies is recommended)
  • A list of your current medication and relevant past medical history
  • Any medical reports such as previous treatments, diagnoses or imaging (X-ray/MRI reports)