Clinical Pilates at Flow

Pilates with Flow is unique as it is taught by a Chartered Physiotherapist; so you can feel confident that any injuries/health conditions will be assessed by an expert and taken into account during your Pilates sessions. Flow teaches using the APPI (Australian Physio & Pilates Institute), designed for Physiotherapists teaching Pilates.

So often we hear about how you can’t do certain exercises because of injury, whereas at Flow we like to work out a way in which the exercise can be modified so that anyone can enjoy the benefits Pilates.

Our aim is to provide an environment where everyone involved is able to gain the optimum benefit from participation. In order to enable all those who participate in Pilates classes to feel confident in their own ability and progress, it is important to ensure that each individual is aware of the basic principles of Pilates and how to relate these to their body and participate safely.

Therefore, we offer an Initial Assessment with us. This will enable you to discuss any health conditions you may have, any sports you may wish to be training for or ways in which we could adapt the exercises to suit you.


Initial Assessment

At Flow we recommend everyone participating in Pilates to come along to an initial one-to-one assessment.
This is an opportunity for you to learn the key elements of Pilates practice and integrate them into Pilates practice including some of the main postures we use.  By carrying out the one-to-one, you can then feel confident when joining the class that you understand more about your body and the different ways in which you can move and control it and equally Flow will be aware of what your aims are and ensure that you are well supported and safe during your Pilates practice.