Press Pause

Press Pause.
The other day I was mowing the lawn & Guy came home, he immediately started hoovering, then tidying and I said to him stop, go sit.
Breathe for a minute.
I was busy, so he was busy, but having just got in from work, he was straight onto the ‘should dos’.
I always try and take some time each day to stop. 
I am a strong believer in eating well, getting an early night, trying to reduce our exposure to so much commercial and distracting social media/TV and moving in a way that feels good.
Basically, it works.
It’s not boring, its just finding pieces of the puzzle that work for you and sticking to it.

Anyway, we don’t really stop in the summer do we?
Both socially, at home and with holidays, families and everything else, taking time for us becomes that thing on a pedestal that is not a priority right now.
I get it.
But, I also believe that in order to pour from our cup, we need to fill it up. And in order to feel energized, we need to do things that help ourselves. How often do you sit down feeling exhausted, then drag yourself to a class and suddenly feel so much better? The exhaustion can be mental, dehydration or simply repetition of routine day in day out.

Our classes run through the summer, we have drop in credits available, packs priced fairly and with generous periods to use them in, we try and take the classes outside as much as possible and we will ALWAYS offer everything within a class for you to feel strong, flexible and calm.

So press pause, put the dishes down, come and enjoy some time getting hugs, breathing deep and remembering that you can’t pour from an empty cup.

Always Tomorrow…

If you’re waiting till next week to go to yoga, till tomorrow to start the diet, till you’ve got your fancy car, 4th bedroom, off road parking and larder to feel you’ve made it.

If you bought a well-being book you’re waiting to read, you keep meaning to go jump in the sea or dust off your bike. If you intend to get off the train a stop early & walk, or you scrolling Instagram feeling inspired but disconnected…

I get it.

Sometimes putting those things on a pedestal at a distance is far less scary than realising that change is our choice, is possible and can bring us all the things we seek by dreaming about through magazines, diets, holidays & social media, but not necessarily believing what’s readily available to us.

‘Just do it’ is a very simple yet hugely terrifying slogan. But, maybe it is also an incredibly simple, life changing mantra?
Eat. Move. Sleep. Joy. Ease.

Tell me something you’ve done that you’ve been meaning to do for you!


So, a post with a bit of overshare, but one to help make those who have periods lives a little easier.
Periods for me have always been an inconvenience. Like a scarily high number of the rest of early teen girls, I was put on the pill from a young age (I think for my skin as I used to do a lot of swimming so all the chlorine wasn’t good for it). When I got a bit older, I switched to the coil as the thought of 5 years with no periods was a dream.

As I got a bit older, I started to reflect on the cycles of periods, the hormones and the effects of having them (and not) on our body.
What happens when we aren’t healthy? Our periods are affect; an amazing natural sign that we are not in balance. So I decided to brave the change and get back in touch with my natural cycles.
I am also currently reading Period Power by Maisie Hill and it is so interesting to look at just how much information we can get from the changes in our hormones during our cycles.

As I became more conscious of the planet I was very aware that modern convenience of tampons has meant we have a big plastic influence with period products e.g. plastic in tampons and sanitary towels. Its a big problem and so about 18 months ago I started looking elsewhere. I came across the Mooncup & it has literally been a game changer for me.

It is a medical grade silicone cup, you simply pop it in and thats it. You don’t feel a THING. Then, usually about 6- 8 hours later I will empty it out, rinse it and reuse.
It means I can go for a run, teach yoga, climb and whatever else want to do without any worry or needing to change anything.

There is zero waste, it is hygienic and once you have bought the cup, you don’t need to spend any more money, so it quickly pays for itself.

I am so glad that I found these and so wanted to bring them to the Flow Shop and tell as many people as possible about them as I am so impressed.

If you would like to buy one, or to read more, just click here.

One last tip, make sure you trim the end before using it!

Let me know how you get on.