Book Your Classes

Book Your Classes

We like to try and keep things simple and flexible for you, so we use Instabook* for all our studio bookings.


It is quick and easy to sign up, sign in and then search for classes you would like to book.
With your Instabook account you can:

  • Sign up for classes and events
  • Choose to purchase class packs or drop in credits
  • Make cancellations/changes to your class bookings
  • See what classes you have booked and how many credits you have left & review your booking history
  • Book Events & Workshops quickly and easily. Check out what’s coming up here

Class FAQs

Can I just turn up?
All our bookings are done online via Instabook, so you have complete control of when and how you book, either drop ins or class packs. It means we are able to see who is in the class and prepare the studio for everyone, as well as in the unlikely event that we need to make any last minute changes, we are able to notify you all via email.
What do I need to bring?
You don’t need to bring anything with you, just yourself! We have plenty of mats (although you are of course welcome to bring your own). Some people bring a bottle of water.
What should I wear?
Most people wear a tshirt/vest top and shorts/leggings. Some people choose to wear socks. In the winter it can be nice to have an extra layer to put on at the end of the class, which you can leave at the end of your mat if you wish.
Do you do beginner classes?
We do not do specific beginner classes, because every person is so different, both in their hobbies, aims and lifestyle. All our classes have a skeleton which is suitable for all with then movements/aspects that are adaptable to enable you to explore based on how you feel that day, be it full of beans or feeling a little weary. ~
What happens if I miss a class?
If you are unable to attend a class you have already booked, as long as you cancel 24 hours ahead your Instabook account will be credited back. We do not offer any refunds/exchanges. For more info on our prices & policies please click here.
Do I need an Initial Appointment?
You are welcome to come along and join us classes at any time. If you have any concerns with joining the class, whether it be feeling confident in a group environment or any pre existing issues that may require specific support, then we do offer a one-to-one appointment which is bespoke to you. The appointment is carried out by a physiotherapist and will be tailored to helping you feel confident in our classes. For more information on this, please click here
What do I do if I have an injury/health condition?
Because the studio is run by physios, you are in safe hands. Although we cannot offer specific medical advice at class, we are able to support you in any adaptations/reassurance. If you would like more support with any issues, we offer physio, acupuncture and massage appointments, which you can find more information about here


*Please note that when you sign up to Instabook, you will automatically be added to our Flow Studio Mailing list. For more information relating to GDPR, please head to our Policies page.
This list simply stores your name and email address in order for us to email you with information relevant to classes, workshops and events taking place at the studio.  If you do not wish to be on this list, please get in touch or you can opt out of the emails at any point simply by selecting unsubscribe.


For more information on prices, including our cancellation policy, please click here. Please note that this includes our 24 hour cancellation policy. We do not offer any refunds/transfers on purchased class credits.