“It’s not like me to get anxiety”
“It’s not like me to get a sprained ankle”
One sounds daft? Or both?
Both should.
I had a client who said the first yesterday, and gently I tried to reassure her that it doesn’t work like that. Adding stigma, embarrassment, resentment or denial to our mental wellbeing can be as damaging as walking on that sprained ankle…
We can ALL experience anxiety, be it for shorter or more sustained periods of time.
It would be really wonderful if we were able to express it as conversationally as a physical discomfort, and be supported in a way that doesn’t involve sympathetic smiles, awkward eye contact and a change of the subject.
That then opens the door to easing those emotions; communication, movement, nature, nourishment, the breath… I’m really interested in helping create a space to open up this discussion & am working on some events that hopefully will offer the chance to help us as a community understand how to support ourselves and others’ mental wellbeing with as much ease & confidence as that ankle sprain 💕

Informed Opinions

Having an opinion and having an informed opinion are very different. I love learning from people who are passionate & take the time to explore developing their insight & sharing their knowledge, but it’s so easy to read one news headline and suddenly become an expert, or make blanket assumptions based on not a lot.
It’s something I’m trying to be mindful of lately… working within healthcare, wellbeing and trying to be a more conscious consumer means people do ask my opinion, but sometimes I feel I don’t have enough insight to share. That’s where I’m always grateful when people help us along the way to learn & grow. It’s totally ok to say ‘I’ve changed my mind’ or do things differently when you have learnt more. And it’s ok to say I don’t know.
But it’s important to not throw your voice around if it it maybe you haven’t earned your opinion. Taking a moment to reflect on what’s being asked of you can have a huge impact on both what you say and how you say it, which can in turn send ripples across the community. So choose those words wisely 💕

Beyond the Hour

Maybe we need to stop thinking about what we are specifically doing in that hour… burning fat, stretching hamstrings, toning core… Maybe we could shift our focus to how that hour can help make changes and bring awareness to how we live the rest of our lives. Taking that hour to tune in, notice, explore & centre, then draw that back into how we move & interact the other 167 hours of the week.
That’s where the magic happens. That’s where the changes are made. That’s where we want to bring our focus; not putting that one hour on a pedestal and expecting it to balance the rest of our week.
So if you find your yoga class too easy, to hard, too fast or too slow, ask yourself why you think you should be doing it any other way.
If you can move with intention, have the time to make choices & bring your attention into this, then you’re doing it just right